Freelance Artwork Preparation and Pre-press

With extensive knowledge and over 30 years of experience in printing and pre-press, we offer freelance services to printers and design agencies, where we are happy to work with you in your studio, providing help on a temporary basis covering for people on leave, or on those few occasions when you wonder how you’ll get everything done in time.

If you have a particular project where you could use a dedicated man-and-wife team to 'see it through to the bitter end', give us a call to see whether we can help.

We have a good knowledge of the use of Adobe Acrobat in a pre-press environment, and of Harlequin and Best RIPs, but would need some instruction, and possibly full training, in some of the other specialised workflows available for the printing industry today. Our advantage in this respect is that we know how print works, and what is needed to successfully produce high-integrity colour-separated plates and films.

We are happy to work here on our own equipment or to travel to your premises and use your equipment - or even bring our own - depending on the nature of the work. Flexibility is the key.