Typesetting and Graphic Design

This is our core business and the term covers the full range of services involved in the production of printed matter before it goes to press.

The term ‘typesetting’ covers typing text from original copy, conversion of pre-typed text from wordprocessor files, scanning, designing and creating page layouts, proofing and output to Acrobat PDF files, ready for the printing firm.

This is what Indent was originally established to do, but our services have broadened in nature since then. (See the Our History page.)

Typesetting is all about text. Therefore it is not classed as graphic design but it is an essential element of the skill simply because the graphic designer must use text as part of his job, and for that reason the typesetter must also understand and appreciate good graphic design. We take pride in our ability to present work in a sensible, readable, fashion, but if you require an unusual or original style we can refer you to one of the excellent local graphic designers who will spend time and effort creating something special for you.

We charge for typesetting and design work on a time basis; our hourly rate is £20.00. We are not registered for VAT.